Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December!

Holy cow! Is it really December already? Today, December 1st, officially marks 6 months since I have lived in Texas. 6 months down...30 months to go!

I have lots of updates to come later, including the result of all my (and my mom's...via telephone) hard work on Thanksgiving Day!

This weekend was pretty was Justin's first weekend off in quite awhile so we planned to enjoy it! On Friday night we fully anticipated going out and hittin' the town but we couldn't seem to get off the couch! We were in bed by 10pm. Sad.

On Saturday we woke up early and ventured out to get our Christmas tree! After looking at Garden Ridge (holy expensive!) We found an awesome tree at Wal-Mart for a great deal! After a disappointing UVA/VA Tech football game (BOO HOKIES), I made cookies to bring over to our Alabama friends Jake and Kayla's house to watch the Alabama/Auburn football game. ROLL TIDE!! Great game and lots of fun! Again, we had intentions of going out for Karaoke that night but fell asleep on the couch watching the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State football game. Oh well! There's always next weekend!

Yesterday we woke up (not hungover! such a great feeling!), made a big breakfast and started put up our Christmas tree! I also tore out all my holiday decorations and got the apartment all decked out for the holiday season! When we were here in April looking for a place to live, we stopped and had lunch at a DELICIOUS restaurant, Tiago's. I received a Buy One, Get One Free coupon in the mail a few weeks ago and it was set to expire yesterday so we went out for a delicious meal...Mahi Mahi Skewers for him and Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas for me! YUM! All leftovers were sent away with him for lunch/dinner while he is on call tonight...back to eating (somewhat!) healthy for a few weeks before I devour amazing Funky Chickens and Plaza Azteca Chimichangas when I go home for Christmas!

Waking up this morning was rough...after no work Thursday and half days on both Wednesday and Friday, I'm not looking forward to a regular-length week! At least I started the week off with a yummy piece of chocolate from the December 1st window on my Advent Calendar Justin bought me! YAY!

Have a great week everyone! Lots of updates with pictures are on their way later!

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