Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Luck Be A Lady...

Who would've thought I would ever have two Guys & Dolls themed posts...certainly not me!

So you all are going to think I am totally weird. You know how they say everyone gets their "15 Minutes of Fame"? Well, I don't want to waste mine. If I'm ever at a big event for work, like a gala or charity function, I steer clear of the television cameras when present. I'm afraid of getting caught on camera or asked for an interview and "wasting" my 15 minutes on something lame. Completely weird, I know. But I want to "save" my 15 Minutes of Fame for something good. What? I'm not quite sure...But I'm hoping I'll eventually come to terms with the fact that I most likely won't be discovered while out dancing at a bar and become a huge singing superstar and have Britney Spears open up for me on my World Tour.

I'm the same way with contests. I don't usually do Lotto Scratch-Offs because I don't want to waste my good luck by winning $1. I don't call in to radio stations because I don't want to win a dumb CD. I'd much rather enter a contest that leads to something big. Again, weird.

Well, I must be getting tired of not ever winning anything because while out to lunch one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago*, I dropped my business card into a bowl hoping to win a free lunch, and of course forgot all about it. Well wouldn't you know, I received a phone call yesterday and I WON! I am going today to pick up my Gift Certificate for Lunch For Two at Panchito's, a DELICIOUS local Mexican Restaurant! Their portions are HUGE. Our leftovers fed Justin for three days (and anyone who knows him, knows that means they were ENORMOUS portions!)

So maybe I'm getting bold with my luck, but I'm entering another contest!
One of my favorite blogs, Baking Delights, is having a contest and the prize is that big beautiful wrapped up bunch of deliciousness you see! If anyone knows my obsession with ALL things Chocolate (Justin quickly nixxed the idea of going to Hershey, PA for our Honeymoon...sad face!) it's no surprise I couldn't help but enter!

Cross your fingers for me! Maybe I'll bake you something if I win! ;) *We went to lunch with our friends Corey and Rachelle to celebrate Rachelle's AWESOME finish time for the San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon....13.1 miles in1:49:32!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!


Adam and Jessica said...

GOOD LUCK!! Hope you win!

Haley said...

Good for you shelb! That's awesome!