Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update From The Trenches

How have I fared so far? Well, the good news is that I'm still alive.

The bad news is that it's not over yet. The biggest battle still remains.

I'm finding that Thanksgiving Dinner is a lot easier with my Mom there to guide/do mostly everything and my Dad there to run out to the grocery store whenever we forget anything. He also makes a pretty mean Pina Colada.

Last night had its share of a few "mishaps." I baked sweet potatoes for my sweet potato souffle and for some reason most of them turned white and hard. With the help of a can of yams and a spare sweet potato I was able to pop in the microwave, I was able to salvage enough to make plentyyy of sweet potato souffle.(I haven't put the streusal topping on yet so I'll wait to take a picture.)

I had to run to Target for an extra can of green beans. I got a little sour cream/mayo/cream of mushroom soup happy and needed to soak up some of the goo with more greens in the casserole.

No worries, because I also had to go to Target for sugar and a digital meat thermometer. I was more than thrilled when I discovered I had to go to the store again. Or completely not thrilled.

I managed to get my turkey patted dry and safely into its new little home for the next 14 hours: Shortly after it was tucked into its brine, I realized it's going to be hell trying to get that thing out.

The Bourbon Pecan Tart went without a hitch...I can say that now because we haven't tasted it yet...that's the true test! Before and After pictures... The cute little florally/star I made in the center shifted while baking :( Oh well! (PS: Cute tablecloth, eh Mom? ;) )

Cranberry relish is done and hanging out in the fridge getting nice and sweet! Sidenote...a bunch of my cranberries were mushy so even though I used two bags, I was only able to get about a bag and a half worth of berries for my relish. Picture to come later...

I got the easy ones out of the way last will be the real battle. Stuffing, yeast rolls, pumpkin pie (okay, that's an easy one) mashed potatoes and The Turkey (cringing...) WISH ME LUCK!! Mom, make sure your phone is charged!!

I'll leave you with the war zone that my kitchen turned into last night...note the wine. :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Molly and Jeremy said...

I love the wine. I'm a fan. Miss you!