Thursday, November 27, 2008


Things I Am Thankful For...
   - The best family in the world (I miss you Mom, Dad, Evan and Shugs...and Norma!) who loves me and supports me everyday. Mom...if my turkey stinks you're hopping on a plane and bringing me yours! I can't wait to be home for Christmas!!!
   - The most amazing fiancee who loves me enough to turn a blind eye to my shopping addictions, only slightly roll his eyes when I gush over Tyler Hansbrough and (reluctantly and without too much grumbling) answers the age old question "Which shoes look better with this dress?"
   - The greatest friends I could ever ask for...OSL...I miss everyone! Enjoy each other's company while you're all together and think of me from time to time ;) To those I'll see at Christmas...LESS THAN A MONTH!! And to those who will be elsewhere, like in stupid Georgia or stupid Wisconsin, COME VISIT ME! :) I love you guys!
   - Beautiful sorority sisters that I know I can still count on, years after we've taken our pledge. I miss you girls more than you know! a.o.e.
   - Stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day because I ran out of brown sugar
   - Unlimited cell phone minutes so that I can call my mom with my freak-outs throughout the day without worrying that my minutes will runneth over.
   - The "I Don't Believe In Calories On Thanksgiving" rule I made up last year
   - Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced Turkey Breast that I can slap on some bread and serve to Justin just in case mine doesn't go as planned
   - All things Carolina Basketball including, but not limited to, a 6-0 start, a #1 ranking, ESPN Full Court so I see my Tarheels all the way from dumb Texas, and my other boyfriend.

That was, of course, just a sampling...but remember to stop and take a moment to remember everything you're thankful for today! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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