Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cue "Welcome Back Kotter" Theme

I'm tired of being a Phanton Blogger.
The month of October was ridiculously busy and left little to no time for anything other than work (bleh), gym, wine and sleep. On occasion, I would be nice and make dinner for Justin. November has decided to be a gem and continue in the same manner.

So, I have been completely MIA from my blog world and am ridiculously behind in updating everyone on my life...which I know they have been on pins and needles waiting for.

Besides being busy, another possible reason for my lack of blog motivation may be that I'm not too happy with my blog design. So bear with may look cah-razy over the next few days as I figure things out.

Justin is on a pretty tough rotation for the next three weeks so I'll have more time on my me time to get back to blogging...just in time for the Adventures of Cooking My First Thanksgiving Alone (also affectionately known as "Dear Lord please don't let me give my fiance salmonella poisoning") and Christmas! I promise...many updates to come!


veganmegan said...

you are always welcome in austin!! we're having girls night out on saturday if you wanna come!

Adam and Jessica said...

Girl I loved the old blog title and look and cant wait to see what you come up with next!