Monday, September 01, 2008

Life Update - Where To Start!?!? May 2008 (Part Uno)

Justin's Commissioning Ceremony
It was a cold, stormy night...ok, actually it was a gorgeous day, May 15, and I ventured out to the USS Wisconsin in Downtown Norfolk to watch my fiancee be commissioned as a Captain in the U.S. Army! This was also an important event because it was the first time my parents met his parents! (DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE!) Just kidding...everything went great! EVMS Class of 2008 Officers
I'm so proud of him!
Neat shot that I took!

Justin's Dad pinning on his new Captain Bars!

...and then we went to No Frill Grill to celebrate!

Just a fun little tidbit...Austin recently got commissioned into the US Navy and Adam is now an Air Force Chaplin! Who woulda thought that three OSL chicks would land them some sexy military men?! Not me! I wonder what the odds are of us all getting stationed real close to each other! Air Force? Check! Navy? Check! Army? Check! (Haley, think your Justin might consider a career in the Marines so we'll have all branches covered?!)

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