Monday, September 01, 2008

All My Exes Live In Texas...

Okay, so not really. But I do. And as of today, September 1st, I have officially lived here for 3 months on the nose. And I feel a little bad for not keeping my friends and family as updated on my life as I should. I really enjoy reading how my best friends are doing (ALL over the country!) through their blogs while my poor little blog sat in a corner, collecting dust. I've decided to take this blog to another level...sounds exciting and dangerous, right? Wrong. Really, I just want to talk more about me. It'll give me more to say. Because, let's face it, I can talk about me all. day. long. Instead of talking about just planning my wedding, the original intent of this blog and something not everyone can relate to (i.e. Dan, Daniel and Corey), now I'll be able to address a vast encyclopedia of important topics...things that are very important to the continuation of the modern civilization, such as: my quests to find the best Happy Hours in San Antonio, pictures of cute dresses I find on sale, and my discoveries of all things Texas (which I hope will include a football game or two, seeing my first Longhorn on the side of the road and decorating a cactus for Christmas). But, before all that fun can begin, I must update everyone on the last 6ish months of my life. I may do a long, giant update all at once, or I may do them in small doses with some past and present mixed in...I'll surprise you. So go put on your favorite pair of chaps, your Sunday Best cowboy hat, grab a can of Lonestar Light (watch the cals so you can have seconds of that Brisket, Cornbread, Beans and Mac & Cheese!) and eagerly await your Google Reader to tell you I have once again decided to grace you with yet another update of my life. Thanks for reading!

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