Monday, January 04, 2010

I Guess I'm Just A Sucker

I hate doing NY Resolutions because I know there's no way in hell the odds are strongly against my favor that I'll keep them. But I get suckered in every year. [Hence the reason I'm so familiar with my track record.] So here's what I've come up with this year...
- Blog (some) more - I really like blogging and I know family and friends enjoy hearing what I'm up to [Wow, I sound so pompous...but it's true so whatevs] but sometimes it's more of a pain. I'm a brat, I know. So I won't make any promises as to how often I will, but I promise to update more.

- Running - In 2009, I fell in love with running. Something I thought would never in a million years happen. This year I'm planning on doing 2 (mayyyybe 3!) half marathons, a 10K here or there and about a dozen 5Ks. I also set a running goal of 500 miles [a goal that will be pretty easy to attain, I think, with all the training runs.]

- Join the Junior League of San Antonio - I've made good friends here but I'd still like to have it will hopefully limit the days I stay on the couch all weekend long watching Lifetime Movie Network.

- Keep in touch better - I talk alllll day long at work so sometimes when I come home, I just want to be quiet. [I know, I can't believe I just said that either...] But I miss talking with my friends and keeping up with the action going on back home. I PROMISE to make [and keep!] more phone and skype dates.

- Refinish a few hideous pieces of furniture in my possession - If I can convince Justin that (a) know what I'm doing [which I don't, I'll just figure it out along the way, but don't tell him that], (b) the furniture won't end up pink, and (c) I won't get two hours into the project and get hooked on a Lifetime Movie Network flick and we end up with a half sanded, half painted piece of furniture on the living room floor for 4 months then I think he'll let me channel my inner Martha.

- Stop bitching about how hot it is here - If I also resolve to increase the consumption of Frozen Margaritas, I just may keep this one.

I also have the typical "save more money, be nicer to strangers" crap that everyone else usually has too. So maybe I'll update everyone on my progress or maybe I'll fail at Resolution #1 and not. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you again! But no pressure! ;)

Cola said...

For sure, Haley...fear she might buckle under pressure. So, when you feel like it. We'll be here pressure, really!