Sunday, September 06, 2009

No More Happy Hours For Me...

NO. I'm not Preggo my Eggo.

I AM however running the 2009 San Antonio Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon!

Yes, I, Shelby Real Last Name Sugarbaker [gotta keep SOME anonymity...don't want any creepy guys following me around...Justin's bad enough! Besides, it's always been my dream last name...oh, Designing Women, sigh], the girl who would cheat on running the mile for the physical fitness test in high school["Yes, Coach Martin, I SWEAR I went around the track 4 times...YES HUH! I DID SO!"], the girl who would go to the gym, hop on the treadmill, run .6 miles and say, "Wow I feel great. Cardio workout's done" is running 13.1 miles.

On November 15th.

And may or may not be absolutely freaking out about it.

I've volunteered at the Va Beach RNR 1/2 quite a few times and a good friend of ours, Rachelle, ran it here last year (4 weeks pregnant!) in some obscene time like 1:46 or something like that. [Yeah, don't look for me in that pace group, you'll be sorely disappointed when you don't see my angry smiling, happy to be running face amongst the speedy runners.] I decided 2009 was going to be the year I, too, lost my mind joined the ranks.

I waited until the last possible minute to enjoy the discounted registration fee (You call $95 DISCOUNTED?!?) and officially signed up on August 31st. I had started a training program a week and a half or so before that but shelling out the bucks REALLY made it turning back now! I don't care if they have to drag me across the finish line, I'm finishing!

Y'all know how lazy I am at updating my blog things in life can pop up and interfere with keeping everyone posted on what I'm up to, but I'm really going to try to update this thing at least once or twice before the actual race. Maybe more. We'll see.


veganmegan said...

fun!!! mike ran the human race and the austin half this year. It was very exciting. He is running the Houston Marathon in January if Peanut doesn't come too early! :)

I am jealous of runners. I am a walker/elliptical-er.

Cola said...

LOL from Melinda and Mom!!!! We're sitting on the porch of the cabin....hold on, gotta go change our pants! We're sooooo proud of you! Thanks for doing what we can't....or never would....or never could.....or never should! Man-o-pause sucks! But we love you!!!!! Mom1 and Mom2

Adam and Jessica said...

YAY!! That is awesome! I wish I could be there to cheer you on. I asked Adam if I could fly there and do it with you...but he looked at me like I was nuts. I cant wait to read the updates and see how it's all coming. I was so jealous of people running today cause ealier in the summer before everything got crazy I had thought about it. Call me!!

Melinda said...

You are the first person to leave me a comment, Thank you so much!!

It looks like we have cooking in common, I'm going to start following your blog so please post any delicous recipes so I can give them a try. I hope you love the dip, it is my favorite!!
Good luck with your 1/2 Marathon..

Anonymous said...

Shelb! This is so awesome! I'm rooting for you!