Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To You ME!!!

Happy Birthday Me! (And Usher and Tommy Hilfigger, who also share the fabulousness that is an October 14th birthday.)

Right now, I am celebrating my birthday by happily floating along and bobbing around in the Gulf of Mexico...hopefully blowing out candles on a cake somewhat resembling this:

Since this is the first birthday I have ever spent without my Mom (Don't cry Ma!), I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for being such a trooper back in '84, even though I was almost a month late and weighed 10lbs! (I was worth it, eh? ;) ) Thank you for making my birthday so, so, so wonderful weeks before it even began! I love you and miss you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!! (I get to say it again...because it's my birthday, which legally gives me the ability to do what.ever.i.want. [Lindsey taught me that.])



Cola said...

Yep....it's been worth every moment....here's to many more (:toasting:)...I love you, Shelby!

Melin said...

Happy Birthday to you (hum hum hum)Shelby,Love your other Mom, Melin