Sunday, September 07, 2008

Life Update - May 2008 (Part...what are we on now, Five?)

Packin' up and headin' out!
So after the fun and excitement of graduation and getting a new car, it was time to stop procrastinating and start getting all our Virginia crap ready to be packed, moved and transformed into Texas crap.

This was our first experience with a military move and let me tell you, it's FABULOUS!! They pack everything, put it all on the truck, move it and deliver it. The truck and moving clan was coming about a week before we were to leave and it was supposed to be delivered a few days after we were scheduled to arrive in Texas. This meant we had to: a) set everything out we wanted to be moved so the packers didn't have to dig through drawers, cabinets, etc. and b) decide what all we would need at the apartment in Norfolk for the rest of the week, what we would need on the drive down, and what we would need at the new apartment in Texas for a few days until the movers arrived.

This was the end result...(Cue Sanford and Son theme) All of our precious belongings were out and ready to be boxed up. (Yes, I used an empty Bud Light box to pack my *precious* belongings!)

After living like this for about a week:

It was a relief to come home from work one afternoon for lunch and be greeted by this site:
No, we didn't have enough crap to need two moving of Justin's classmates lived in the same apartment complex and their moving trucks arrived on the same day to take them to Arizona!

Goodbye, Stuff! We'll see you in Texas!

That night, we ate dinner in our empty apartment, on the floor of our empty bedroom. And drank wine out of SOLO Cups. Ready for the next adventure!

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