Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just A Quick Brag....

Wow! 1:25pm (CST, that is! No more EST for me!) and already three updates? WOW!

I was about to shut down the computer and get out the door to run some errands (it's halftime! ;) ) and then I ran across a picture that I just had to post.

Justin and I stayed in and had game night by ourselves on Friday night (because we're that cool). After a few drinking games, we decided to see how good we were at trivia while slightly inebriated. Out came Trivial Pursuit from the back of the closet. We've only played TP one other time together and when we played we made a bet (I can't remember what it was now...) but I do remember losing...and losing bad. like to think of myself as the Self-Proclaimed Queen of All Completely Random Useless Knowledge, but that doesn't help too much when faced with the actual intellect-required questions of Trivial Pursuit. And it doesn't help that Justin is a huge History and Science Nerd.

But, the alcohol gave me confidence and I decided we needed to set some stakes for this game. Justin's terms of the bet were: "Any night he has off, I have to go to McDonald's and a.) Get him whatever he wants to eat and b.) Get him whatever movie he wants to watch out of the RedBox and watch it with complaining. After lots of thoughtful pondering, I came up with my end of the deal...If I won, he had to go shoe shopping with me and contribute $30 to whatever pair of shoes I want. He not only agreed, he raised the terms of the bet to $75 for shoes!!!

Once I heard that, my jaw dropped and I heard angels singing...time to put my thinking cap on! I wanted those shoes!!

I won't keep everyone in suspense for long. Below is the outcome of the game:
The question is...which pie is mine? The sad, pathetic, empty, lonely pie? Or, the filled-in-with-brightly-colored-little-pieces-of-knowledge pie?

I'll tell you all later. AFTER I go shoe shopping. (!!!!!)


Adam and Jessica said...

I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Congrats on are so cool:) and I love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Shelby! That's awesome! GOOD FOR YOU and your feet!!! hahaa

veganmegan said...

thats awesome.